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Ray's ASU Barber Shop

Ray's is the only place in Tempe where you can really get a haircut and conversation with Charles, or on a lucky day with Ray. Thanks for all the good cuts!!

Dale R. Shumway

While living in Tempe during 1990-93, Ray's Barber Shop was the only place I've taken a seat to have my hair cut. All the best. Carlos, Ana and Pedro.

Carlos A. Castro, SP Brazil

Charles, Great Website! I especially enjoyed the Frequently Asked Questions screen with your picture. I already knew the answer to each choice, though. Have fun!

Guy Fain

I live about 6000 miles from Tempe, but whenever I get a chance, I come and have a nice chat with my buddy Charles, the quickest scissors in the West

Eric Cohen, Brazil

If I take a number can I to my car because I forgot my money/magazine/book/jacket/etc.

Babak Charepoo

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